With the participation of players’ development coaches such as renowned technician Josep María MARGALL, Anicet LAVODRAMA, Antonio de OSÉS (CB Torcal), Alejandro FENOLL, Gerardo PAEZ y Antonio REINA (CB NovaSchool), Julio SOLER (CD Maristas) together with Carlos BERNABÉ basketball coach and psychologist at EMORAS PSICÓLOGOS where they work with athletes and teams in diferrent sports disciplines.


– Commitment, conditions, priorities, mission and objetives of the coach.
– Roles and character assignments and management on a team.
– Defining our teams’ «IDENTITY» with the concepts on DEFENSE vs on OFFENSE

–  Zone defense in youth categories?


– Basketball in evolution and the post game.


– How to improve decision making and shooting percentages. 


– Structuring the Shooting Mechanic.



– Youth categories. Training priorities in confinement and no contact for the next months.


– What characteristics and traits to reinforce in Tennis players, Track and field speed or a Karate athletes for optimum performance.


– Key elements in building a good defense (youth and senior).


Basketball debate and talent development in #confinement March-May 2020




Basketball debate and talent development in #confinement March-May 2020