We are sport


ASIS Global Spain is an organizational entity serving and promoting  Education and Sports.


ASIS Sport’s objective is the efficient management of all sports needs in regards skills and technical development , personalized training, lodging, training, competition, infrastructure and logistics to athletes, teams  sports education associations and federations.


ASIS Sport Spain’s services are specifically structured to fully cover the specific needs of those who call on us in a superb environment away from their usual training grounds.

We also assist with those student athletes looking to further their development in academic institutions where they can continue to  combine education and sports.


Among the activities we develop are the management of events aimed at the promotion and development of sports in general, the organization of skills training camps and Showcases, Tours, programs of scrimmages and tournaments,  in collaboration with educational centers, sports association, institutions, public and private organizations and other youth and community services entities.

Our segment ASIS Sport has designed a technical training program for the young athletes in collaboration with great development coaches.

With this development philosophy in mind, the players will have all human and material means available to develop their sports potential through a physical and technical improvement program.

The coaches and personnel associated to ASIS Sport are highly experienced sports management individuals with a philosophy and methodology in line with modern sports.

They implement the 5 ASIS Sport principles:


  • Leadership.
  • Efficiency.
  • Complete development of the athlete.
  • Performance planning.
  • Readiness for performance and competition.


All this striving to instill a competitive and efficient mindset complemented with a global cognitive development of technical as well as tactical  abilities benchmarking a personalized identity.