Management of scholarships at universities/colleges in the United States of America


ASIS Sport manages the search of academic scholarships, financial aids for students of any nationality seeking to further his/her studies in the USA, in universities and secondary schools (high school). This concerns all student athletes looking for the opportunity to continue growing personally, academically and in sports.

ASIS Sport Works directly with the student, his/her family, the schools, sorting the best posible situations that will fit your specificities and the budget the family can assume.

The teaching models that groom people in an environment that combines in an integral manner both academics and sports produce a solid stimulus for the academic progress of the students.

In Spain, and in the rest of the world, there is not an abundance of educational centers where sports projects are associated to academics. There are other models, such as the US model, the formula of federation-professional is substituted by a scholastic model, university (student-athletes) that precedes the professional. At the same time, the student athletes receive a athletic scholarships or some form of financial aid. This represents an opportunity for all athletes the world over when they fulfill the marked requisites by the universities and academic institutions together with the NCAA, the association regulating collegiate competition in the USA.

ASIS Sport assists in the search of the scholarships for those who are looking for that possibility to combine their studies with sports in their college career.
To study in a foreign country may result a value added motivation for student athletes as it offers a number of new elements from a new culture and a new language. Sharing and living with other students of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities will provide a better understanding of our global environment and transform the individuals into more tolerant and understanding citizens. In addition to this, it will contribute to an increased capacity of the student athletes to think independently, in an analytical manner and to solve problems more objectively.

In general, all sports disciplines may offer scholarships or financial aids such as in:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Football / Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Swimming / Water Polo
  • Tennis
  • Fencing

If you are a candidate and you achieve eligibility as a potential student-athletes, you will be able to study and practice your sports in the college leagues.

NCAA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) at Division I, Division II. The NCAA is synonymous to sports high performance.

Know your possibilities:

  • Academic Profile
  • Language Level
  • Sports Profile

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