Academic scholarships in the United States
ASIS Sport works in a personalized manner with the student athlete, his or her family, the university or high school, seeking in each case the best existing opportunity in the US. The particular needs of each student will be taken into account, understanding which are the preferences, personally, socially, academically, and sportswise. A key factor is the financial capability of each family.


This sports program is held through skills training sessions and scrimmages under the technical direction of high level coaches and trainers, with the objective to offer to the soccer (football)  athletes – girls and boys – a perfect platform to promote themselves through:

Direct  PRESENCE of coaches and athletics recruiters of American academic institutions .
Video TAPINGS that ASIS SPORT will realize during the sessions. The videos serve as PROMOTIONAL TOOLS  for the candidates  in their pursuit of an Athletic Scholarship in US universities/colleges within their SOCCER programs.


ASIS Sport will organize for your team the best “TOUR” for competition preparation and training, including scrimmages and tournaments, in the Canary Islands and any of the very attractive destinations in the rest of Spain.

In recent years the sports environment in Spain has produced elite world and Olympic level performances in multiple sports disciplines. ASIS Sport will facilitate to you the best management to reach your objective.


Youth Training
ASIS Sport has designed a skills training program for youth in collaboration with great developmental coaches through camps destined at boys and girls of 12 to 16 years of age.

Elite Training
ASIS Sport implements a world class methodology. The objective is to improve the role of the athlete and player within his/her team and in the league.

World Class Methodology
The coaches associated to ASIS Sport are development trainers of high experience while carrying a philoshopy and methodology in line with modern sports..


ASIS Sport offers to you a portfolio of conferences directed at corporations, work groups, individuals, students and teams. Each presentation is structured to help discover and develop mechanisms and resources in the search for success, excellence, personal empowerment, leadership, career management and the strengthening of capacities to face challenges.