Clinics Training

ASIS Sport Spain has designed a technical training program for the young athletes in collaboration with great development coaches.

With this development philosophy in mind, the players will have all human and material means available to develop their sports potential through a physical and technical improvement program.

  • Physical program.- the physical preparation is built on the results of several tests and resistance workouts.
  • Technical program .- the technical program is based on individual technical and tactical resources emphasizing decision making and the fine tuning of technical movements

It is also our objective to provide the young athletes with the opportunity to engage in a different and fun routine during the periods of Christmas and summer.


ASIS Sport Spain implements world class methodolgy. The objective is to increase the role of the athlete/player within his team and within the league.

To achieve that level, the tools we use are applications and modalities fitted for the improvement of performance.

It includes team sessions, small groups sessions and individual sessions.

The program consists of biomechanics, applied fundamentals and metabolic physiology aimed at refining and polishing skills, fundamentals and efficiency of individual action.


  • Full court training.
  • Advanced workouts on skills specific to positions played in the sport.
  • Conditioning exercises including plyometrics.
  • Speed and agility exercises.
  • Sports’ balance.
  • Cardiovascular conditionning.
  • Explosiveness.

Personalizing workouts with special emphasis on nutrition for performance in sports and well being + Athletic profile + progress report as to the exercises specific to the sport practiced.



Among the events organized by ASIS Sport Spain, we have the technical skills development camp aimed at girls and boys of 12 to 16 years of age.

We benefitted from coaches of high technical level who stressed the fundamentals and tactical work aiming at improving specific aspects of the participants’ abilities.

The physical aspect being as important, we also incorporated specialists in that field who stressed the guidelines for the physical improvement of the younger ones.


The coaches associated to ASIS Sport are highly experienced player development coaches with a philosophy and methodology in line with modern sports.

They implement the 5 ASIS Sport principles:

  • Leadership.
  • Efficiency.
  • Complete development of the athlete.
  • Performance planning.
  • Readyness for performance and competition.

Instill a competitive and efficient mindset complemented with a global development of defensive and offensive technical abilities benchmarking a personalized identity.